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Email us your preferred payment method to pay your one-time registration fee of one dollar! Please note that when you register, you are paying a random user of TreeTrunkCash.com, and not the admin because that is how the whole system works.
.::Manual Signup Only ::.

July 4th, 2010:  Greetings All! Sad to say that Automatic signups have been disabled but email us and we can still sign you up! TTC Going strong since 2004!

- Unlimited random payments forever!!
- NO recruiting required!
- NO advertising needed!
- 100% per sale!
- Multitude of eBooks & software!
- Resell software & eBooks!
- Get started immediately!
- Endless earning potential!
- Ad free rotator with live stats and unlimited URLs!

What is TreeTrunkCash.com you ask? Well, it is simply the easiest way to make money you will ever find! You are just a few minutes away from getting unlimited $1 payments to your E-Gold account. You will receive unlimited $1 payments forever, and all from just one simple payment of $1.

You could almost say that TreeTrunkCash.com is an online stock market. You pay your $1 to start your "company," and then when others signup they buy a share of your company and you get 100% of that sale. The only difference is that the people that buy from your "company" don't sell their share later on to get their money back plus more, but what they have actually done is added money to your pocket book and started their own "company" to earn them cash. So in other words this is a win-win situation for everyone!

By now you must be thinking that this is all so amazing and too unreal, but we haven't even gotten started! In addition to making random money while you sleep, you will have access to a massive selection of FREE eBooks and software that we have gotten resell rights for you. You can resell these at your will to earn even more profit from your small investment.

Step 1: First you will click on one of the Register Now payment buttons for your preferred payment method and it will take you to a page to pay a randomly selected user $1 to create your account. This is how every user makes his or her unlimited $1 deposits by being randomly selected during registration. Once a member you will also have various ways of increasing your chance of being randomly selected to get cash!

Step 2: Once your registration payment is complete you will receive an e-mail with a password in it to let you into your members area. Once you have logged in for the first time you will need to pay a $1 activation fee and that will be the last payment you will ever need to make on TreeTrunkCash.com. Once this payment is complete your account will be immediately setup, and you will gain access to a huge selection of eBooks and software to resell or use yourself and you will start getting random payments. For even more cash potential, you will receive a unique URL that can be given to your friends, put in your AIM profile, or added to your website. Every time someone registers after clicking that link, you will receive 100% of their registration fee which is $1 in your E-gold account.

Step 3: Sit back and watch the money flow in!

Are you the owner of a website? Would you like extra income for that website? Then TreeTrunkCash.com is the place for you! There are several ways to promote your unique URL that will get you $1.00 per register from your site. This means an unlimited supply of income forever! Not only will you get huge profits from the random registration process, but you will have access to a huge selection of valuable eBooks and software that you can resell on your website! You can sell these however you want for whatever price you want which gives you a great opportunity for huge profits.
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